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are a direct exposure on photosensitive material. In this case color photo paper.

Unlike traditional photography, this process does not require a camera. Models and/or objects are placed directly on the photo paper, which is then exposed with one or more light sources. The exposed paper is subsequently developed in a special laboratory.

There is no delete key, no mass production. Each image is a unique work of art. Photograms are the result of a fusion of photographic skill and creative vision.

What looks so ultra-modern is based on one of the oldest of all photographic techniques. It was first developed in the mid-19th century and, since the early 20th century, artists such as Man Ray, Christian Schade, Lászlo Moholy-Nogy, El Lisitzki, Kurt Schnitters and Raoul Hausmann have created world famous masterpieces with photograms.

One New Light
Commissioned by the worldwide lighting company OSRAM

The photograms were exposed on Cibachrome reverse material (50/60 cm). The images were then reproduced to illustrate the Group's five divisions in a large format installation in the former OSRAM headquarters.
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Two Classic Car Photograms
Exclusive Artwork for Luxury Car Lovers
See your classic car - life-size – in a totally new light as a unique work of art.

Clients can choose from various colored light sources. 3 exposures per vehicle are created with distinct variations on the colors, brightness and shadows. The client chooses a favorite from the resulting 3 photograms. One photogram remains in our archives. The third photogram can be purchased on request for half price. The photograms are produced using high gloss Kodak Endura-Metallic photo paper and are mounted on Alu-Dibond.

Cars cannot exceed a length of five meters and a height of 1.30 meters. Photograms for classic cars start at € 19 000.

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Three Bright Lights
Magicians of Cinema and Show Business
The photograms of these big players in international show business were produced between 2012 and 2014 at the Munich international film festival, Filmfest München, and were exhibited at several venues. Project Website arrow_drop_down_circle
Four Sound Shadows
Music That Glows
"Sound Shadows" is the working title of a open series of photograms which i startet a couple of years ago.

The images deal with colours, the sound of music and imagination.

"Sound Shadows" is an ongoing work in progress. It deals with depth of color combined with tension to make the pictures sing.

Photograms are a challenge. All pictures are taken in complete darkness.

Each one is a one of a kind, there is no negative. This way another "Sound Shadow" is arising.

The series is an old school analog photograpic experiment.

Photography without camera, photography without computer.
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Five Ambrosian Fields
All You Can Eat
Free Lance Work

These groceries were exposed on Cibachrome reversal material (50/60 cm).

They were mounted on aluminum and exhibited in the gourmet restaurant Ederer in Munich.
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Six Craving
Central Institut for Mental Health
Commissioned by the Central Institute for Mental Health in Mannheim

These photograms were exposed on Cibachrome reverse material (50/60 cm).

Located in the main lobby, they illuminate the principal focus of the work of the world famous research center of the University of Heidelberg/Mannheim.
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Seven From Scratch
Information and More Pictures
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