The Quince Project

started in 2020 with harvesting the quince fruits together with my mother in her parents' garden in Coburg.

and was continued with this series of three photograms. The fruits were placed on the Kodak Endura paper - of course in complete darkness -, then covered with different Lee filter folies. After having been exposed with white flash they were developed. The pictures have a size of 50/60 cm and are mounted on Aludibond in black concrete shadow gap frames.

They can be purchased for 3.000€ each, the complete series is available for 7.500€.


...the fruits were then processed into quince jelly and quince bread order to use it for the constuction of the "Quinceland flag",
which is a photogram made with some ready to eat quince diamonds
on 120mm Ektachrome Slide Film. This film was crossdeveloped C41 and there now is an open edition of 10,5/16,5 inch fine art prints, available for 70€.