BRIGHT LIGHTS - Show Biz exposed

The photograms of these major players in the international film business were produced at Filmfest München, Munich’s international film festival, from 2012 through 2014 and were on exhibition for the duration of the festival in 2015.

The Process

The first hurdle was persuading the subjects to embark on an enterprise that was completely new to them.
They were then led through a light trap that photographers use into a totally dark room where special, extremely large photo paper had already been laid out at a slight angle against the wall. They had to carefully lean their torsos against it and come up with a pose they felt comfortable with. When they were ready, a flash with colored filters and the shutter release were triggered, exposing their silhouettes on the photo paper.
They would then leave the darkened room through the light trap. The exposed paper was placed in a lightproof container and developed in a special laboratory.

The Protagonists

Isolde Barth

is a German actress.

Over the course of her career she had worked with directorsn such as Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Werner Schroeter and Claude Chabrol and in numerous vtx.

She has been a member of the ury of the Bavarian Film Prize since 2009

Todd Haynes

is an award winning American filmmaker.

An independent director, his films have dealt with allergic housewives, bi-sexual glam-rock musicians and suburbanities in the fifties. A founder of tht New Queer Cinema.

Nikos Perakis

is one of the most acclaimed film directors in Greece.

A writer-director-producer, he began his career as a production designer who worked with Edgar Reitz, Volker Schlöndorf and Reinhard Hauff.

Diana Iljine

is a German communications expert.

She is the festival director of Filmfest München and the Munich International Festival of Film Schools.

Götz Otto

is a German actor.

His role in the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies catapulted him to international stardom.

Jean-Marc Barr

is a French-American actor, screenwriter, director and producer.

His breakthrough film was the starring role in Luc besson´s underwater epic The Big Blue

Walter Hill

is an award-winning American writer-director-producer.

One of the best action genre directors in Hollywood with films like Driver, 48 Hours and Last Man Standing, he was also a producer of the alien films.

Sir Peter Jonas

was a British Arts Administrator and opera company director.

In 1984, he was named General Director of the English National Opera. He was the General and Artistic Director of the Bavarian State Opera from 1993 until 2006.

Paolo Sorrentino

is an Italian writer-director.

He bacame famous with Il Divo about the life of Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti and his connections to the Mafia. His Film La Grande Belezza won an Academy Award, a Golden Globe and 4 European film prizens in 2014.

Jessica Kastrop

is a German sports reporter and author.

She is one of Germany´s most famous commentators and experts. She became world famous in 2010 when a ball hit her on the back of the head during a live interview. The clip went viral on YouTube.

Udo Kier

is a German actor.

His international career has spanned over 160 films. He is one of the few German actors to "make it" in Hollywood.